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21 Jun 2019
*insert headline here*

A good weekend for the higher teams was balanced out by some heavy defeats for the lower sides. report15jun19.pdf [ Read more ]

12 Jun 2019
Waring Them Down

Another mixed weekend, with two wins and three defeats in total across the weekend's competitive programme. The victories came for the first team in the National Cup and the fifth team, whilst the seconds, fourths and Sunday firsts tasted defeat. re... [ Read more ]

05 Jun 2019
Winter Woe

A much more mixed weekend. There were good wins batting first for the second and fourth teams, but these were offset by comprehensive defeats for the first and fifth teams, while the third team drew. report1jun19.pdf [ Read more ]

30 May 2019
*insert headline here*

There were three wins, a draw and a defeat in Saturday’s league programme which, coupled with the first team’s advance to T20 finals day on Monday, made for a successful weekend. There was a victory and a defeat in two friendly fixtures. report25may... [ Read more ]

21 May 2019
Undefeated Weekend

Three wins and three draws overall made for a fairly successful weekend for Chelmsford. The wins came for the Saturday and Sunday first teams, and the Saturday fifth team. There were draws for the seconds, thirds and fourths. report18may19.pdf [ Read more ]

15 May 2019
League Begins

It was a fairly disappointing start to the league season for Chelmsford, with just one win from five games played, with two defeats, including one for the first team. report11may19.pdf [ Read more ]

20 Apr 2019
Quiz Night

The first social event of the season will be the club quiz on Friday 10th May, following the junior colts training session. Teams can be of up to 8 members at an entrance fee of £3 per person. We hope to see many club members take part. [ Read more ]

19 Apr 2019
Fantasy League Reminder

The Fantasy League is open again for the 2019 season. A reminder that points are scored from the first league weekend of 11th May, so you have a few weeks to enter your teams. Head to the Fantasy League page on the site menu to enter. [ Read more ]

25 Aug 2018

A generally decent weekend with two wins and one defeat on Saturday, the other two fixtures being left drawn. Though there was no Sunday game, the rain led to a rain off in another fixture, allowing Chelmsford to qualify for the semi-finals. report2... [ Read more ]

20 Aug 2018
Drawn Out

The return to timed cricket saw three draws out of five league games on Saturday. The Sunday league game against Harold Wood was won by default as the visitors conceded on Sunday morning. The second team's victory over Woodford Wells was one of the m... [ Read more ]